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We provide personalised wealth management & investment advisory services

We cater to your unique needs by assessing risk tolerance, individual goals, and aspirations. Our personalised wealth management, investment advisory, and financial planning ensure strong financial success.
Diversified portfolios are the foundation for reaching your goals. They provide a solid foundation for your success and that of ours.

Suchit Arora

Founder & CEO

Meet Suchit Arora, an accomplished wealth manager and investment consultant with an MBA in professional management from ISB. Delivering exceptional results with 18-22% CAGR for PMS and AIFs, 12-18% CAGR for mutual fund equity, and 7-10% CAGR for debt investments.


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18-22% CAGR for PMS AIFs & Equity Mutual Funds, 7-10% CAGR for Debt Investments, and Premium Insurance Advisory in Partnership with Ideal Insurance, Broking Industry Leaders.

Exclusive services to every client from Greatlark, guarantee financial peace

Transforming wealth management since day one, Greatlark combines agile development and strategic thinking. It is your go-to advisory for all wealth management needs.


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Ideal Insurance
Thanks to team at Greatlark, I have seen substantial growth in my investment portfolio. Their disciplined approach, research-backed insights,
and timely advice have consistently delivered positive results.
Kapil Khannah
Proprietor,  Place Studio
Choosing Team at Greatlark as my financial advisor was one of the best decisions I have made. Their deep knowledge of the financial industry, combined with their personalized approach, has given me the confidence to make sound financial decisions.
Harmeet Singh
Criminal Lawyer, High Court
"Team at Greatlark has a deep understanding of the stock market and an exceptional ability to identify profitable investment opportunities. Their insights and recommendations have consistently helped me achieve impressive returns on my investments"
Mehak Gupta
Contract Lawyer with Infosys
I can confidently say that team at Greatlark is a true expert in the field of stock market investing. Their knowledge, research, and disciplined approach have guided me through various market cycles, resulting in significant portfolio growth."
Mahima Batra
Director, Golden Matrimonial Services
I highly recommend team at Greatlark for anyone seeking professional financial advice. They have a deep understanding of the market and have provided invaluable guidance in navigating complex financial situations.
Owner Fashion Label Surbi

Track Your Investments Here for Real-Time Insights